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Humidification systems for healthy businesses

Humidity Services

Humidity Services is a division of J D Ultrasonics Limited, who have over 25 years experience in the design and supply of humidification systems around the world.

To complement our own technology, we are proud to be associated with Merlin Technologies of Austria, who’s range of high quality humidification and measuring equipment help create the perfect environment for whatever application you may have. Merlin systems are used successfully throughout the world helping create better business conditions through efficient humidification technology.

Humidification Systems

The correct ambient atmospheric conditions have a substantial impact on our daily lives. Maintaining relative humidity at an optimum level provides comfort and a healthy environment for people and animals as well as ideal conditions for efficient manufacturing processes.

Humidity control is essential for a diverse range of industries from wood, paper, food and the preservation of artwork to medical science, hospitals, public places and offices.

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Superior Humidification Technology

Moisture Meters

Moisture is everywhere - in the air and materials around us. Hygroscopic materials such as wooden beams, veneer, plaster, brickwork, paper and cardboard change their form and material consistency when the surrounding ambient air becomes too dry. A certain degree of moisture in these materials is quite desirable and by no means harmful or detrimental.

In winter months when the temperature is lower, the water content in the ambient air also reduces. Through the hygroscopic qualities of the aforementioned materials, they begin to transfer moisture to the ambient air resulting in cracks, shrinkage, swelling of joints and cambering. These conditions and consequences are both unacceptable and cost intensive.

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