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Air Humidification System

MICRO DROP direct room humidification

The ALPHA air humidification system is our most sophisticated option for direct room humidification. It works with filtered and hygienically safe water. The water can first run through a water softener, a reverse osmosis filter and a disinfection unit if needed. Then the water is pumped through a stainless steel hydraulic pump at a pressure of 70 bar to the humidification units where it is atomised with the MICRO DROP high-performance nozzles.

The ALPHA system features a flexible PLC multi-zone control with touchscreen which, in combination with high-quality humidity sensors, ensures precise and constant ambient humidity. The optional PC visualisation gives you an overview of the entire system at all times with also the option to record data.


FTS112 Humidity & Temperature Sensor

The sensor measures the relative air humidity and temperature in individual humidification zones. If needed, the humidity can be adjusted in each individual zone. The FTS112 humidity and temperature sensor performs perfectly with its fast reaction time and high level of accuracy.

Humidity and Temperature Sensor

HPD High Performance Nozzle

The new nozzle, with its high-quality workmanship and flow-optimised design, is a development based on the MICRO DROP nozzle. Made of noncorrosive, acid-proof stainless steel.

HPD High Performance Nozzle

PLC Control

The intelligent PLC control with graphic touch panel and the easy menu navigation displays the values of each humidity sensor and ensures perfect room air humidity. The zones are individually controllable.

PLC Controller Screen

Layout Diagram

ALPHA Layout Diagram
Alpha High Pressure Humidity System


  • Low maintenance and minimal operating costs
  • Modular and functional design
  • High level of reliability and safety
  • High standard of hygiene
  • Low energy consumption
  • PLC Control
  • MICRO DROP atomisation

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